Steve Leondis, CEO of Horizon Air Freight

Horizon Air Freight Featured on “Inside the Blueprint,” Airing on Fox Business and Bloomberg International

On August 7, 2021, Horizon Air Freight was honored to be featured on “Inside the Blueprint.” Airing on Fox Business and Bloomberg International, “Inside the Blueprint” is a “fast-paced series that takes a sweeping look at innovations in the commercial construction and design spaces, chronicling ideas and products that impact how we live, work and play.”

As the world’s most reliable and reputable marine freight forwarder, Horizon was delighted to be among the innovative influencers featured on this program.

With appearances from Steve Leondis (Horizon CEO), Alex Durante (Horizon Director of Global Sales), and Pixie Gibbs (Horizon Export Manager) the spot focused on how crucial the shipping industry is to global commerce, and how Horizon is uniquely positioned to assist these ships.

Crucial Support for a Crucial Industry

As the episode’s introduction overviews, 90% of the world’s global commerce and trade is transported by sea, either because flying cargo is too expensive, or because the volume is too great to send any other way. “Without these ships, the world doesn’t run,” Mr. Durante asserted.

This is where Horizon provides critical support. “Inside the Blueprint” showcases how we are uniquely positioned to provide “last mile service,” clearing customs in remote countries and delivering critical equipment on deck, with personalized service to any port worldwide. This means crucial equipment or supplies can be provided straight from the supplier to the individual vessel, keeping things running smoothly, and shipments delivered on time.

Customer-Focused Technology and Service

Our “Inside the Blueprint” episode also highlighted how Horizon’s technology has been designed to keep the customer’s needs in mind at every step throughout the entire process. Through our Horizon WorldTrack customer portal, clients can track with transparency, from time of first collection to the moment of satisfactory delivery, as Ms. Gibbs explained.

This is because Horizon stands behind its original mission to bring high-quality service at every level. As Mr. Leondis explains in the segment, Horizon was originally founded in 1971 by his father to support the Greek shipping community. But under his tenure, the business grew to an all purpose freight forward logistics company for fleets around the world. For 50 years, these ships have relied on Horizon to deliver supplies and equipment “where they need them, when they need them, no matter what it takes.”

Boutique Benefits with Better Pricing

Though our reach is wide, Mr. Leondis assured “Inside the Blueprint” producers that Horizon prioritizes quality over quantity. This allows us to not only thrive as a high-touch customer service company with boutique benefits but also provide better pricing. Horizon clients get the best pricing, Ms. Gibbs explained, because we are uniquely able to consolidate orders to be more cost effective.

Whether you’re based in New York or New Zealand, as this episode of “Inside the Blueprint” illustrates, Horizon does whatever it takes every day to ensure that vital equipment and supplies will be delivered to your vessel, because we understand what’s at stake. We also care about you and the safety and efficacy of all your people at sea. Contact us directly to discuss more how we can assist you.