Horizon Air freight is proud to present WorldTrack 2.0

Horizon Air Freight Announces WorldTrack 2.0

Keep your fleet shipshape and sailing with instant information and intuitive insights.

Announcing the launch of Horizon WorldTrack 2.0, a major upgrade to the global marine logistics portal you already rely on to track your fleet’s supply chain and optimize your budget.

For nearly two years, Horizon’s business strategists and software development team collaborated with our customers to reconceive and redesign WorldTrack around the challenges, opportunities, and technical capabilities of today’s most forward-thinking, data-driven shipping companies. We then redeveloped WorldTrack from the ground up for robust performance, enhanced security, and lightning fast response.

Highlights of WorldTrack 2.0

  • Intuitive experience for easy access to the information you need.
  • Customizable interface adapts to each individual’s priorities and workflow.
  • Real-time tracking for all shipments worldwide.
  • Data visualizations reveal patterns and trends at a glance.
  • Intelligent analytics to discover valuable insights hidden in your historical data.
  • Powerful search features to quickly find exactly the information you need.
  • Saved queries for instant access to frequently needed information.
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) integration with all marine procurement systems.
  • Exportable data, charts, and forms for reports, further analysis, and imports into your own IT infrastructure.
  • Enhanced security and access control to give each user and role only the permissions they need.

“The UI/UX is fully revamped, functionality is much more intuitive, features are more interactive, and the overall experience is more tailored to each individual user.” — Sheryl Ann Crespo, Director of Engineering and Technology

WorldTrack 2.0 gives your marine purchasing and technical departments  exactly the information and insights you need, whenever you need them, however they’ll be most helpful to you. So you can keep your fleet on schedule while optimizing your budget.

How Can WorldTrack Do More for You?

We built WorldTrack 2.0 on a rock-solid foundation of cloud-native infrastructure. It’s scalable, extensible, and customizable to serve your evolving needs for transparency, analysis, and integration. Our strategists and developers are eager to work with you. How can WorldTrack 2.0 better serve your fleet’s needs?

“We’ve always believed that you need data to drive decision making in terms of value, efficiency, optimization, and planning.” — Alex Leondis, Business Insights and Data Analytics Manager

WorldTrack 2.0 is now live and available through the website portal link. During the transition to WorldTrack 2.0, you will still have access to the classic WorldTrack portal through a link on the new portal’s home page.